India Skill Report 2016

13 July 2016

Measuring employability of youth and expectations of employers
A joint Initiative of CII, PeopleStrong, Wheebox and LinkedIn, the India Skill Report 2016 presents not only the employability factor of the youth from across the country from different educational background but also the needs & expectations of the employers. It is this scientific tool that can help address the skill gaps in labour market and facilitate better employment opportunities for the youth, thereby increasing India’s industrial productivity.

The report captures the skill levels of the supply side by assessing over 5,20,000 students from 3000 educational campuses in 29 states and 7 union Territories of India on WEST, the Employability skill assessment test launched by The result was an overall picture depicting how the students rank in terms of skills that would be imperative to judge the employability in the coming times.

The report also includes and needs of the demand side of the Talent Supply chain as captured by Corporate Job Survey. Corporate Job Survey covered 150 Employers, spread across 12 major sectors like Manufacturing, Core, ITES, IT, BFSI etc. to get an idea of job demand and potential hiring forecasts for the coming year.

If we look at the results this year, the employability index showed a minor improvement from last year, rising to 38.12% from 37.22%. The hiring sentiment also looks positive, with employers across sectors expecting an average increase of about 14% from last year’s hiring numbers.

The report consists of four major sections. While section 1 sets up the context of the report focusing on what changes have undergone in the past one year, Section 2 and 3 are dedicated to the detailed analysis of the Supply and Demand side of talent. Section 4 matches the information from both the ends to provide a consolidated view of the skill landscape and make suggestions that can help in improving the current situation to meet the challenging demands of the bright future.

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