Building Capacity & Expanding Horizons: A workshop

08 Apr 2016

From building sustainable village ventures, to mobilizing local resources in forgotten tribal forests, to overcoming intellectual disabilities, to fighting with a tiger bare-handed, the CII Foundation Women Exemplars have accomplished all this, and a lot more.

CII Foundation organized a capacity building workshop titled ‘Building Capacity & Expanding Horizons’ on 3rd April 2016 in Delhi, wherein for the first time, 20 grassroot Women Exemplars came together and shared the areas of support required, insights of their journey and future plans with the CII Foundation team and Selection Committee Members. The platform aimed at celebrating the Women Exemplar Collective with industry leaders, and to spur dynamic learning and exchange among the exemplars.

These role models of change have addressed complex social problems and built enduring local solutions. Restless leaders, they are working quietly, but indomitably, to build inclusion and dignity for the most marginalized in their communities.
At the workshop, this group of 'nation-builders' shared best practices of sustaining and growing their work; assessed their leadership styles; identified collaboration opportunities with industry heads; and envisioned the creation of a national peer network of grassroots women change agents.

"We may not have financial resources, but we are bringing to this network an abundance of will, love and ideas," said one of the Exemplars.

Industry leaders, CSR heads, and experts from the development sector joined the Woman Exemplar Awardees to understand and respond to their challenges.

Addressing the participants, Rumjhum Chatterjee, Chair, Selection Committee, CII Foundation Woman Exemplar Program 2016 and Group Managing Director & Head – Human Capital, Feedback Infra Private Limited said “You as exemplars are an inspiration to many more women and mentors. At CII Foundation, we look forward to interacting with you all and create a national network that brings you all together for a wave of transformation across the country.”