Mission SoS Phase 2

After providing sanitation facilities to the government schools in the first phase of Mission Sanitation of School (SoS) in 2014, CII Foundation launched the second phase of the campaign to reach out to the urban communities.
Delhi, Gurgaon, Uttarakhand,
Mumbai, Varanasi, J&K, Amritsar,
Vijayawada, Lucknow

Phase 2 of the campaign is addressing the sanitation interventions in urban areas through industry interface. Our objective is to:

• Develop a common approach for need/ design/ implementation in discussion with Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) and Industry
• Consolidate intent/ facilitate delivery in a time bound manner
• Recognize good practices by industry

Implementation Process

CII Foundation is partnering with the corporates, multilateral agencies and NGOs/ Service providers for implementing the project on ground.

Identification: Identify city wise sites in consultation with respective ULBs and share the information with industry members and receive Expression of
   Interest for the same

Need Assessment: Share the toilet design, Operation and Maintenance options, and details of vendor/ service providers to the participating companies,
   ULBs and Community.

Formalize: The member companies then enter into individual agreements with ULBs directly or through CII Foundation

Monitoring: CII Foundation ensures that the project is implemented in accordance with the agreed upon parameters through a joint monitoring mechanism
   with industry, ULBs and Community. We report back to companies who engage through Foundation for their CSR compliance, and to the Government on the
   participated companies and targets achieved.

In Delhi, CII Foundation has undertaken construction of public toilets along with ensuring O&M across 15 sites in partnership with 5 companies Corporates can support the campaign through one or more of the approaches mentioned below.

• Construct only
• Build- Operate- Transfer
• Support Operation and Maintenance only