Sanitation Awareness and Behavior Change Projects

Delhi & Uttarakhand

Urban - Delhi Sanitation Pilot

CII Foundation has initiated a pilot project for bringing about a complete behaviour change for one slum in South Delhi. The project is based on participatory approach, collective action and through behaviour change, create and sustain open defection free status in the selected slum / ward and also improve on sloid waste management. The project will integrate and also provide technical support based on Municipal Corporation’s plan, capacity building of garbage producers and collectors and sensitization & orientation of urban local bodies and its line departments to improve system efficiency and performance. We plan to upscale this in other cities subsequently with corporate sector support

Rural - Total Sanitation Pilot

Pilot project in Kith and Kund Villages TehriGarhwal District, Uttarakhand to establish open defecation free villages. Through participatory approach the two year project is reaching out to 118 households. Additionally, these water scare villages are also being provided with potable water through this pilot.