E-Connect Program

CII Foundation initiated an e-connect program for students with the aim of filling gap and bridging the digital divide by connecting school children with digital literacy in 25 schools across Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand, for whom access to such infrastructure and technology has been a challenge.

The project has been undertaken by CII Foundation as part of CISCO’s CSR project.

The beneficiaries for the project include students aged between 9-16 years, especially those studying in government schools and/or are
disadvantaged and lack access to IT resources.
Bihar, Rajasthan,
5000 beneficiaries

The project includes

Creating provision of computers in schools
Creating provision of internet connectivity in schools and
Providing basic computer training through the Get Connected Programme’ which is provided by the CISCO Networking
   Academy and any other modules that may be considered useful for the students.
While the Get-connected programme is a self-taught online course module, however teachers
   from respective schools would handhold the students for the course.